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Moving Your Medical Technology From the Drawing Board to Broad Clinical Use

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Ensure your company's breakthrough meets your sales goal by working with our team of experts. We utilize public relations and communication initiatives to market your healthcare product to clients around the globe.

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Educate physicians and potential patients about your emerging technologies and the potential for disruptive change. We work with you to develop awareness and educational materials including collateral, patient education tools and cooperative marketing programs that create demand for your product.

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Partner your company with a communications consulting firm that has assisted some of the biggest names in disruptive medical technology. See a sampling of our client list, and then contact us to learn how we can help you.

About Us

ckj Communications is a public relations and marketing communications firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, serving medical technology developers worldwide. Since opening for business in 2001, our team of senior communications experts has partnered with various healthcare and medical device companies to deliver strategic communications programs that drive adoption of emerging technologies.

With special expertise in advancements in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer, we focus on medical technology with clients in the areas of oncology, diagnostics, medical imaging, healthcare informatics, biotech and pharmaceutical distribution. In addition to our public relations consulting, we also create educational materials to better inform potential users about new health care advances. Our extensive industry expertise and multi-faceted approach to public relations has allowed us to cultivate a long list of recurring clients.

We can scale to meet your needs, bringing the right resources to bear when you need them, without the normal agency overhead.  The result is the ability to bring years of healthcare agency and corporate expertise to provide the level of service you expect from a large agency, but with the dedicated senior attention that only a consultant can provide in a cost-effective manner.

 We’ve told you why we think we’re the right team for you. Now, we want to tell you what we look for in a client:

  • Compelling technology with an obvious value and benefit
  • A focus on patients, medical professionals and influential third parties – not just whiz bang features
  • Strong management with vision and staying power
  • Chemistry and a commitment to a strategic communications partnership

Contact us to partner with us and see how far your medical advances can go.

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