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Ensure Broad Clinical Use for Your Latest Advancement

Achieve your sales and adoption goals for your health care advancement by partnering with ckj Communications of San Francisco Bay Area, California. We offer business marketing for emerging medical technologies in order to ensure the broadest clinical use possible. With more than 25 years of experience, we work with you to condition the market for your new product and reinforce your credibility through promotion and education. Throughout the years, our senior communication experts have marketed a diverse range of healthcare products and advances, including diagnostic equipment, health information technology, biotech, genomics, and medical devices for patient use. The experience we've garnered in the field, coupled with our strong domain knowledge of public relations, makes us a valuable partner for marketing your technology.

Medical Equipment Interface
Modern Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Technology Public relations has come a long way since the days of P.T. Barnum, when simply seeing your name in print was the pinnacle of success. Marketing success in our contemporary age is evaluated on multiple factors, including how well public relations and communications initiatives boost your sales. Our goal-oriented team delivers strategic results that drive your business. We approach public relations by conditioning the market to receive your latest medical technological breakthrough. This is accomplished through awareness campaigns, advocacy briefings, cooperative marketing programs, patient education tools, and last, but not least, innovative media campaigns that would make P.T. proud. When you rely on us for public relations, you are in good company; our current clients and client experience includes the following companies and many more: Medical Findings
• GE Healthcare™
• Medtronic™
• Volpara Solutions
• Acuson-Seimens®
• McKesson™
• Toshiba® America Medical Systems 
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