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Tell the world about your innovative medical technology by allowing us to handle your company's public relations. Our communications firm has coordinated public relations for a wide variety of technologies, including cancer treatment devices, cardiovascular devices, diagnostic imaging devices such as ultrasound, x-ray, and breast density software, as well as supporting behavioral coaching programs designed to improve medication adherence. We work with developers and manufacturers to ensure their advances in the healthcare field are adopted throughout the world. Our team provides support to your customers, including both physicians users your technology at their practice and patients who may be utilizing the technology at home. While you focus on creating disruptive technologies and new ways to improve patient health, we handle the communications and marketing. Read case studies about how we assisted other medical technology companies and learn more about us. Some of our previous clients include:

Volpara Interface
• Abbott Diagnostics™ (Chicago, Illinois)
• Cholestech Corporation (Hayward, California)
• Compressus™ (Washington, DC)
• Parallax Enterprises™ (Pikesville, Maryland)
• R2 Technology (Sunnyvale, California)
• Sanarus Technologies® (Pleasanton, California)
• Symyx Technologies (Sunnyvale, California)
• Xoft, Inc.® (San Jose, California)
• U-Systems, Inc. (Sunnyvale, California)
• Vital Images® (Minnetonka, Minnesota)
• Agilent Technologies™ Life Sciences Division (San Jose, California)
• Dupont Medical Imaging® (Billerica, Massachusetts)
• Kodak Health Imaging (Rochester, New York)
• NeoMatrix (Irvine, California)
• Ovion, Inc. (Menlo Park, California)
• Resonant Medical (Toronto, Ontario)
• Sleep Solutions, Inc. (Palo Alto, California)
• Transgenomic, Inc.® (Omaha, Nebraska)
• VIDA Diagnostics® (Coralville, Iowa)
• Zonare Medical Systems, Inc. (Mountain View, California)
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